A full range of components for OEM applications
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Washing Machine components

Motors and pumps

Askoll design and manufacture drain pumps, recirculation pumps and drive motors for washing machines. The range of components is extended to traditional solution, like Universal motors and Controlled Induction Motors, to BPM motors.

  • Draining Pumps
  • BPM motorsM
  • UM and CIM motors
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Dishwasher components


Askoll design and manufacture drain pumps and circulation pumps for dishwasher. Thanks to its wide knowledge of the washing process, Askoll developed a full range of product for water management.

  • Draining Pumps
  • Circulation pumps

Oven components

Ventilation fans

Askoll design and manufacture convection and cooling fans for electric oven. Safety of end-user and maximum efficiency are keywords in the development of its range of axial and tangential fan.

  • Axial convection fans
  • Axial cooling fans
  • Tangential cooling fans
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Dryer components

Motors and pumps

Askoll design and manufacture drive motors and condenser pumps for dryer. BPM motors allow to reduce power consumption both in traditional and heat pumps dryers.

  • Condenser Pumps
  • BPM motors
  • Traditional motors
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Components for other applications


Askoll technologies are suitable for many other application in domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

  • BPM motors for compressors
  • Fans for commercial refrigerating units
  • Fans for domestic refrigeration